What are the major benefits of NutriSphere?

by Braylen Dax

NutriSphere is an organic compound that works in addition to liquid nitrogen fertiliser to deliver more nutrients to crops, meaning they grow stronger and faster. Here, we run down the specific reasons NutriSphere NL is so beneficial for crop yields of all kinds and its major benefits.

Reduces the environmental impact of fertiliser

NutriSphere helps to reduce the loss of nitrogen to the environment that typical fertilisers suffer from. There are three main ways nitrogen is lost to the environment: volatilisation, leaching and nitrification. By stabilising the nitrogen with its two key organic acids (maleic acid and itaconic acid), NutriSphere prevents these from happening, meaning that less nitrogen and ammonia are lost to pollute the air and water. Furthermore, because it’s 100% organic, Nutrisphere will only leave behind carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, meaning it doesn’t significantly add to the environmental impact of the fertiliser. This, in turn, benefits soil biomes and aquatic organisms.

Improves the growth of crops

Because fewer chemicals are lost, your soil will reap the benefits and your plants will see an increase in their speed of growth. Through the combination of these two acids, the 1800 CEC (cation exchange capacity) is created, which denies the bacteria in your soil a source of nickel, iron and copper, which are elements which degrade nitrogen. So, Nutrisphere slows down the loss of nitrogen, meaning there is a higher concentration of it within the soil. This can then make it to where it’s really needed and increase the yields of crops, resulting in higher profits for farmers.

Improves the quality of crops

A similar point to the last one is that NutriSphere doesn’t just increase the quantity of crop, but also its quality. Because the technology keeps the fertiliser where it’s needed for longer, the efficiency of the nitrogen is increased, meaning that more is retained in the crops, improving its strength, size and nutritional value. In fact, one study showed that there was a 9% increase in the total nitrogen uptake of straw and grain through using NutriSphere.

Fully water-soluble

NutriSphere comes in an easy-to-use liquid form that is fully water-soluble, which means it mixes easily with liquid fertiliser and moves with it as it enters the soil. Therefore, the nitrogen can be available for your plants to utilise as soon as you apply it and covers a large base of soil. This also helps to protect the nitrogen, meaning it’s safe for several months after application so less fertiliser is needed.

There are many benefits to using NutriSphere to benefit not just the farmer and consumer, but the environment and its wildlife, too.

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