How Should You Handle A Suspended Amazon Account?

by Braylen Dax

With the increasing popularity and sales increase year on year for Amazon as a brand, the number of online sellers has also increased with time. People usually who are into retail business create a seller’s account on amazon to retail their products in the marketplace.

Since the business is booming for amazon, numerous amazon suspended accounts are floating on the platform and are inactivated. All these third-party sellers have increased their sale count with the help of amazon, but in return, amazon has to deal with the suspension as well.

Why Is Amazon Suspended Account A Risk Factor?

Where Amazon is concerned, there is a major risk to sellers’ income with an Amazon suspended account. The entire procedure and experience of dealing with such situation can be stressful and tedious for the sellers.

The seller can lose his Amazon account if suspensions are not handled with utmost clarity due to their high-risk factor. The seller can always apply for an amazon suspension appeal to restart the account and continue the business. There are several ways and methods to overcome the phase of suspension.

What Can Be Done When A Seller Falls Into The Category Of An Amazon Suspended Account?

Whenever a seller receives a suspension, all they have to do is relax and follow the process of activating the account as mentioned on the website of amazon. First of all, there will be an email notification that will indicate the suspension. Unless the suspension is not released, the seller is not allowed to sell anything on the platform.

The suspension usually occurs if the seller has failed to meet the performance standards of the amazon seller’s protocols. Violating Amazon’s selling policies can also cause suspension of an account. It is important to understand the reason for suspension, so the seller can move ahead with the amazon suspension appeal to reinitiate the account.

Failure to meet amazon’s target can turn it into an amazon suspended account. Amazon mostly accesses the seller’s transactions by order defect rate, commonly known as the negative feedback received in the sale. Even the pre-fulfillment cancellation rate and late shipment rate are considered if the seller doesn’t meet up to the targets.

Amazon Suspension Appeal Procedure

Below are the steps, which will help in undertaking an amazon suspension appeal in the best way possible.

  1. Understanding the right reason for the suspension per the applicable terms and conditions.
  2. Planning the next steps ahead
  3. You can request the Amazon suspension appeal through the ‘Notification’ page on the customer metrics category of your account. An appeal button would be there that received the information about the selling privileges.
  4. Post that, amazon will respond to the appeal email within 48 hours or more, depending on the flow of emails.

Lifting the suspension is simple if it follows the rules and regulations mentioned on the amazon website for sellers. The sellers need to have patience and avoid situations that could lead to suspensions in the first place.

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