Best Remedy To Get Rid Of Bluebottle Flies

by Braylen Dax

After a long busy schedule, people wait for the weekend to relax and enjoy themselves with guests. As you get ready with scrumptious food on the table, suddenly, you hear buzzing flies. These are the blue bottle flies that often come when you eat. They are famous for their unhygienic behaviour. Typically they are found on rotten things, faeces, and decomposing flesh. Therefore they should remove them from the house or prevent them from coming to your place. Now the question is how to get rid of bluebottle flies.

What Is Bluebottle Fly?

Bluebottle fly is also known as Calliphora Vomitoria. They are attracted to decaying fleshes and animal faeces. So they carry contagious germs that can spread among humans. The size of the bluebottle fly is 12 to 14 mm; the body is metallic blue with red eyes.

Blue bottles are hard to eliminate as they visit in a swarm and constantly communicate with each other. For instance, if a single bluebottle gets the smell of food, they fast communicate to dine together. The most challenging issue is that they lay eggs in the food they sit. They sit on dirty things, so if the food gets contaminated, you can end up in a problematic situation like abdominal pain, diarrhoea, Typhoid, Anthrax, etc. The pest control wholesale can suggest a solution to keep away from your home.

Methods To Get Rid Of Bluebottle Flies

·       Keep The Bins Clean

Blue bottle flies love dirty places, so a foul smell excites them. Bins are the home for smells from rotten flesh and vegetables. It stimulates them to come to the house. Cleaning your bin, especially during summer and monsoon, can prevent them from coming.

·       Cover Drains

Drains are another source of a mixed pot of all waste materials. The waste materials from the kitchen and bathroom accumulated in the drains. These things create a rotten odour that appeals to the flies. So it is best to cover the open drains and clean them regularly.

People often think about how to get rid of blue bottle flies, but the first step is only from home.

·       Bug Lamps

It is an electrical lamp with an illuminated coil inside it. The light attracts these flies, and they get trapped inside the grate. The electric current kills them. It is a straightforward way to get rid of these flies around your home.

·       Chemical Spray

Another effective way to kill adult blue bottle flies is a chemical spray. These sprays are robust and have a quick response on them.

·       Fly Traps

A simple and common way to trap flies is to install fly traps around the space. When these flies come and sit on the stick traps, they get stuck to the trap. After using it, you can throw them.

Bottom Lines

These simple tricks can help you eliminate the flies from the house. But if you identify any prominent breading place of these blue bottle flies, immediately call pest control wholesale to clear it.

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