Why In-House Communication Is Key to Success

by Braylen Dax

In-house communication is the practice of sharing information about the company to keep employees informed. It enables people to do their jobs to the best of their ability. With an effective flow of information among an organisation’s departments and staff, you will nurture company culture and drive engagement.

In-house communication can come in various forms. It can be done face-to-face, via systems like email or through more complex intranet solutions, among other things. It can also be done in a number of styles.

Here are some reasons why in-house communication is key to success.

  1. It boosts employee productivity

When the right conversations are happening throughout an organisation, it brings everyone together to focus on strategies for boosting engagement. Employees will feel free to submit thoughts and opinions, giving them a sense of value and motivating them to engage. The result is a strong work ethic and a boost in productivity.

  1. It ensures a flow of information

Internal communication ensures the right messages reach the right people. Modern technology facilitates this very effectively, and a system like a Google Drive intranet enables employees to connect whenever they want to update themselves on the latest communications. When implemented effectively, employees will not have to read endless emails, messages and comments, helping prevent information overload.

  1. It facilitates the sharing of goals

An internal communication platform can help communicate the roadmap of a business. That consistent flow of information will maintain a focus on clear, defined goals that will inform employees of the actions they need to take. With the entire company working on a consistent business strategy, everyone knows where they are heading. This can enable confident decision-making and targeted execution of work at all times.

  1. It promotes unity in challenging situations

When a crisis occurs, internal communication is invaluable. Fast communication with the right people can enable people to act quickly and reduce stress. It can also serve to eliminate the spread of things like rumours and gossip. When inaccurate information like this arises, it can feed division that is harmful to an organisation at the best of times.

  1. It promotes the brand

An employee who feels valued and well-informed is likely to become a credible ambassador outside the business. If they do not feel valued or informed, they may become its fiercest critics. External communication is fundamental to an organisation’s reputation, particularly when its employees comment. If they feel the sense of unity, value and being in the loop, which can come from effective in-house communication, they are likely to produce the positive external communications your company needs.


A well-crafted internal communications plan will benefit your organisation in many ways. The advantages listed above are just a small snapshot of the good it can do, but it needs to be done correctly. Take the time to explore your options and consider the types of in-house communication strategy that will work for you.

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